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          Long-term success depends on having the best and most skilful people

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          Juru, our company name, originates from "to gather refined businessmen, to create a long history". Since Juru's foundation in 2004, we have been engaged in professional investment consultation and agent services. Having provided "one stop" services for domestic and foreign companies, Juru is a professional service company integrating investment consultation, enterprise registration, accounting service, trademark & patent application, tax planning & audit and Hi-tech enterprise recognition consulting services. Juru is an excellent foreign investment consultation service provider.
          Juru is one of the founders, vice chairman and secretary-general unit of Pudong New District Enterprise Establishment and Agent Services Association, a bookkeeping agent with the qualification certificate of Shanghai Finance Bureau and also an incorporation agent which has been approved by Shanghai Administration of Industry and Commerce Bureau. Shanghai Juru has been honored as the bid winner of purchasing accounting services for small and micro enterprises by Shanghai Finance Bureau ever since 2014, and as the model unit by Bureau of Civil Affairs, Social Organization Service Center and Enterprise Establishment & Agency Services Association in Pudong New District. Shanghai Juru has repeatedly won "Investment Promotion Advanced Award" by the Pudong New District Government Investment Center and the title of "Qualified Staff Home" by the Staff Union by Pudong New District government investment department.

          我們的服務 / Our Services

          1. 公司注冊、變更、遷移、收購并購、合并分立、注銷、股權變更、股權質押,特殊許可證辦理;

          Company establishment, alternation, relocation, acquisition, merger, division, cancellation, share transfer, share pledge, special business licenses;

          2. 代理記賬(制作憑證、登賬、編制報表、編制年度財務分析報告),擬定公司財務會計制度及流程,稅務申報,稅務籌劃;

          Bookkeeping (accounting certificates preparation; book reporting; making statements and annual financial statements analysis reports), drawing up financial and accounting rules and flows, tax reporting, tax arrangements. 

          3. 企業投資戰略和財務規劃,投資政策法規、稅收、財政、外匯咨詢;

          Enterprise investment strategies and financial planning, consultation on investment policies, regulations, taxation, finance and foreign currency .

          4. 各項財產損失企業壞賬、歇業、清算的審核咨詢;

          Checking and consulting about enterprise bad debts, discontinuation and liquidation.

          5. 稅收成本測算分析及其他各項稅種的代理申報,企業所得稅的年度匯算清繳、個人所得稅籌劃及申報;

          Evaluation analysis about tax cost, and tax agent for other tax items, annual corporate income tax settlement, individual income tax planning and declaration. 

          6. 企業改制、改組、合并、分立、兼并、收購的稅收籌劃;

          Tax planning about enterprise’s restructuring, merging, division and acquisition

          7. 解答日常稅務、財務政策問題,常年會計、法律、企業顧問;

          Solving daily tax and financial policy questions, financial legal, corporate consultation all the year round. 

          8. 商標專利注冊,  各類優惠政策申請,審計評估,高新技術企業認定。

          Trademark and patent registration, various preferential policies application, audit evaluation, Hi-tech enterprise recognition.

          財稅政策稅務咨詢 Financial

          Tax Policy Tax Advice



          Our professional team of certified public accountants, tax agents, assessors and lawyers has a full understanding about Chinese laws and regulations, tax and financial policies. Based on client's requirements, investment plan, management structure and features, we will provide a comprehensive assessment of legal, financial and tax risks for the specific business practices of our client. On the basis of maintaining client's reputation and economic benefits, we will provide with practical tax planning and professional advice and solutions. We assist clients to properly handle tax and tax issues related to tax departments, provide professional analysis opinions and solutions to tax-related risks for clients before and after tax inspection. 
          We provide foreign-funded enterprises with tax cost assessment consultation to control tax risks, and put forward reasonable suggestions to control costs and cash flows, to help enterprises obtain the best and legitimate tax benefits, to draw up tax planning programs, and to enjoy financial policies.



          Some of the customers we have served

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